Navigation for mountain travelers using map, compass, altimeter and GPS device

This page has been setup to publish my experience about navigation skills using maps, compass, altimeters and GPS. This documentation focuses on the application of map reading, compass use, orienteering, route planning and navigation in mountain or backcountry. Please have a look at the slides (10MB) in PDF format below and send me your comment and suggestions.

Have safe trips! Be prepared!

Practical navigation for mountain travelers (69 pages pdf, 10MB)

Spreadsheet to use for navigation in mountains using map, compass and altimeter (xls, 13kB)

Free UTM grid overlay for 1:24'000 and 1:50'000 maps (pdf)

Watch the animation on how to take bearing with map and compass (Flash animation)

Watch the animation on how to determine your position using known summit or features in the field (flash animation)

Bearing converter/calculator from and to grid, true and magnetic North (Flash)

UTM grid for various scales (pdf to print without scaling)